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Welcome to our community web site. Feel free to explore the features available to the public on this site. If you are a resident of our community, click on "Register" link in the top left corner and then login to our web site.
The Brookshire I Condominium Association website is designed to promote accurate and timely communication to the homeowner members, and nurture the connections to neighbors.  The basic site is open to the general public, but a substantial portion of the site contains more confidential information that is lawfully available only to other "members" of the Brookshire I community.

Please browse the site and send in comments as desired, using the Contact Us form at the middle left side of your screen.

~ Neighborhood News ~
Gravel Road to Woodenbridge Court
Posted on Jun 10th, 2015
Residents and their visitors must reduce their speed while using this road in addition to using more caution when entering and exiting the road. The wooden foot bridge has been removed so pedestrians and school children are using this road as well. There have been reports of excessive speeds as well as lack of regard to safety when entering or exiting the temporary road. SLOW DOWN and PAY ATTENTION!
Bulk Trash Removal Hot Line
Posted on Apr 28th, 2009
Kathy Flynn - 410-833-6231

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