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Additional Information
  • Drains. What to flush and what NOT to flush?
    To help keep our costs down for sewer and drain cleanouts or back ups, please refer to this flyer to help direct you in what can and cannot go down the drain and toilet. Please be mindful of these items as it may seem innocent enough to dump grease down that drain and run hot water behind to "help it go down", but in reality, that grease coats the pipes and clogs them later down the line and costs our community a lot of time and money to repair. I would suggest either using a coffee can to collect the grease when its cool so it can be tossed in the trash, or save an empty can to put grease in so it can be tossed in the trash can. Additionally, any items that you are concerned will smell in your trash can, put in a ziplock bag. It will stave off the odor until the next trash day.
  • When and where are the Community Meetings held?

    Mark your calendars...Brookshire Community Meetings are held the 4th Tuesday* of the month at 6:30p at WPM Real Estate Management located at 11433 Cronridge Drive Owings Mills, MD 21117-2294

    Please plan to attend to hear about our community's progress as well as bring any concerns to the Board of Directors and Property Management Team's attention. Due to time constraints and the amount of material covered during the meetings, it is generally best to submit your concerns or inquiries via the Contact Us link on the upper left side of our community website. When you submit your request, it will be sent to the appropriate people to address your concern or inquiry in a timely fashion.
    ***Date, time and location of the monthly meetings are subject to change due to inclement weather and holidays. Notice of changes to the meeting will be sent to home owners (or posted on the Community Webpage) if the change in location, date or time is foreseeable***
  • Can I pay my monthly Condo fees online?
    Absolutely! This link will allow you to go to our Property Management's website to pay your Condo Fees securely and electronically. Save time and save postage!
  • How can I get an issue or concern addressed?
    It is advised that any issues you may have be submitted in writing prior to monthly meetings so that the Board and our Management team has time to review your concern. Many times, co-owner concerns or issues can be handled prior to the monthly meetings. In addition, there is a lot of business that the Board addresses during the monthly meetings and in lieu of you waiting for the open forum of the meeting, your request can be sent via the Contact Us link on the left side of our community webpage. Correspondence sent via the Contact Us link is sent to our Property Management team and each Board Member. I encourage you to help us work smarter not harder by submitting your requests in this manner.

Emergency Contacts
  • What is the local police department's phone number?
    Nicodemus Police Dept
  • What is Baltimore County's Non-Emergency Phone number?
    (410) 887-2222
    911 should only be used to report an emergency situation. If you need to request the dispatch of public safety first responders to a non-emergency situation, dial the non-emergency dispatch telephone number listed above.
  • What is Pool Phone number?